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Writing a review for a product you have never used is a difficult undertaking.

However, to create a successful Amazon Affiliate site or any review-based blog, it’s something you must learn to do. Unless you are ready to buy each product you review on your niche website.

You and I know that is practically impossible.

You can hire freelancers to write for you. But getting quality writers nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not that they don’t exist but they are too expensive for most niche site owners.

The Solution?

Cheap Pillar Articles Pro

We are internet marketers ourselves. We understand what it takes for your website visitors to click through your content to Amazon.

We understand what it takes for Search Engine to start ranking your content few days after you hit the publish button.

Above all, we understand that articles for Amazon niche sites don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

How are you able to charge this low for money-site quality?

    • We are from a third world nation.  $1 for 100 words is not great in the eyes of freelancers from developed nations of the world. To a writer from Nigeria, where majority of the population lives below $1 a day, that's a fair payment.

    • We make use of college students, in addition to our in-house writers. Since they only write for us during their leisure we are able to beat down charges. You, our client, are the main beneficiary of this business decision. You get to buy premium web content for peanuts.

    • PayPal, the world leader in online payment, is limited in Nigeria. So we only receive payments in Bitcoin, the number one global digital currency. Though this affects us since most people from America and Europe will only use PayPal for online payments, it allows us to reduce our rates. With Bitcoin, commission is almost non-existent.


If we failed to deliver within the stated TAT, you are entitled to a refund. Or else, we will give you extra 200 words for each day the TAT is extended


We only accept Bitcoin payments as of now.

Plans are under way for Skrill and Stripe Payments.



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